Kendor Music presents ~ BAROQUE FOR MARIMBA

arrangements by Kristen Shiner McGuire and David McGuire


Juniper - level V solo marimba:

Mixolydia - level II mallet solo:

The Wish - level IV mallet solo with piano accompaniment:

Re-Action - level III percussion quartet:

Percussion Ensemble

Celestial Welcome (Alfred Pub.).  Level V Octet – bells, vibes, marimba, chimes, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, timpani.  Six minute fanfare type piece – good program opener.  Main theme is 7/8 with some changing time signatures.  DVD performance available from composer.

Caboo (C. Alan Publications) This challenging quartet focuses on frequent interactions of polyrhythms and quintuplets, with a small instrumentation allowing for a variety of programming options. Percussion 1 (5 graduated Cowbells) Percussion 2 (5 Temple Blocks, Whip) Percussion 3 (5 graduated Small Drums) Percussion 4 (Cajon, 2 Ankle Shakers)

Please Pass The Beats!  Level V  Quintet.  Each player has one drum and 2 accessories.  Players set up around audiences and rhythms travel around.  Some vocal sounds.  Humorous and fun.  15’

Out of print, but available from composer.

Dis Is How Her Songo (ReallyGoodMusic)  Drumset Quartet based on songo rhythm.  For advanced H.S. or any college group.  Score and parts $24.  DVD performance available from composer.  7’ 45”

Re-Action (Kendor).  Level III Quartet for beginning percussionists – each player has one drum and “scraping” accessory. (cabasa, ratchet, guiro, vibraslap).  No rolls or rudiments, just counting.  2’ 30”

Mallet Percussion

Mallet Percussion Workout: A Methods Companion for All (Alfred) - Essential skills book for mallet players of all ages, from beginners to professionals. Great for teachers, public school and college students, orchestral players. 

Juniper (Kendor) – level V mallet marimba.  Solo (same difficulty as Yellow After The Rain).  Two hand rhythmic independence with ostinato, contains roll section.  Excellent piece for college freshman or H.S. seniors.  5’ 15”   

Colors of Earth and Sea (Media Press)  Advanced two movement, four mallet work.  Japanese stretched tonal with harmonic influence; some one handed rolls.  CD and music available from composer.

Three Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Marimba (Media Press) Rhythmically complex advanced level work: I. A Fine Weave II. Gotta Gig(ue) III. Epilogue. Movements II and III recorded on Forty-One Seconds by the Rita Collective. 

The Wish (Kendor)  level IV 2 mallet solo with piano accompaniment.  Contains double stops and arpeggios.  Very pretty tune with contemporary harmony. 3’

Mixolydia (Kendor).  Beginning 2 mallet solo in mixolydian mode.  Two hand rhythmic independence.  May be played on xylophone, marimba, or vibes.  2’ 15”

Blue Lagoon (Kendor) Beginning mallet duet for bells and xylophone, or other keyboard percussion.  Contains short improvisation section using the blues scale.  (Scale notated for performers).  3’ 25”

Two By Two: Nine Duets for Two Mallet Percussion  (Kendor) Level II-IV, beginning to intermediate. Playable on any combination of mallet instruments. 


Declaration, Song, and Dance for solo timpani – (Ludwig)  Level VI solo in 3 movements.  “Declaration” (moto perpetuo), “Song” (pedaled melody and accompaniment), “Dance” (syncopated set of grooves including playing on bowls, rims, center of head).  Very popular for recitals. 3’ 10”/3’/3’ 30”

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